2015 Novitec Rosso Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

with ECU Upgrade, wind tunnel tested in light weight carbon fiber and high quality exhaust systems available plus more!...


Plus Taxes & Licensing

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– Manufacturer’s Warranty & Maintenance Programs Apply
– Styling, Wheels & Performance Upgrades Built into a Single Transaction
– Car is Delivered 100% Complete to Your Door



In regard to the warranty, when not modifying the engine, drive train, ECU, or similar components, all factory warranties typically remain intact. In many cases, the final decision lies with your local Dealer. Aftermarket parts usually carry a warranty from the manufacturer of 1-yr against defects in workmanship.



– Front Spoiler Lip fits to the original front bumper, visible carbon
– Front Strut fits to the NOVITEC front spoiler lip, visible carbon
– Carbon Front Grill to replace the original front grill, visible carbon
– Side Panels, visible carbon
– Rear Bumper attachment visible carbon
– Rear Spoiler Lip, visible carbon
– Rear Diffuser fits to the rear bumper, support the negative lift, visible carbon

– Power optimized exhaust system without flap-regulation
– stainless-steel version with NOVITEC tailpipes and new mesh-insert(-9 kg)
– INCONEL version with NOVITEC tailpipes and new mesh-insert(-11 kg)
– Optional black tailpipes

– Sport Suspension Spring Kit, for lowering in combination with the original suspension. This kit is for all models, including cars with the factory lift-system
– made of high – strength aluminium, corrosion – protected by anodize set of 2 pieces including mounting material spacer 10mm (enlarged track 20mm per axle)

– NOVITEC POWER STAGE 1, consisting of an new adjusted engine electronic with modified group of curves and a higher cut-off speed to 8.900 rpm (thereby a higher V-max), stainless-steel exhaust system without flap-regulation including NOVITEC tailpipes as well as catalyst-replacement-pipes and exhaust replacement pipe X-Pipe System weight-reduction:16kg
– Optional exhaust system with flap-regulation and switching of the exhaust-flaps using the Manettino on the steering wheel: performance: 574 kW (781 hp) at 8.600 rpm, max. torque: 722 Nm at 6.400 rpm Vmax: + 5 km/h

– NF4 Wheel and Tire Sets (forged)
– 9,5J x 21 J with 255130 R21 Pirelli for front axle
– 12,0J x 22J with 335125 R22 Pirelli for rear axle
– set wheels I tyres type NF4 in customer’s option colour

on request



– Front spoiler lip attachment
– Inset for engine bonnet
– Cover for mirrors
– Front grill covers
– Cover for brake-ventilation
– Cover taillights
– Cover for rear fog lights
– Diffusor fins
– Diffusor center parts
– Diffusor center parts (upper position)
– Taillight Set black (2 pieces)
– Side Turn Indicator Set black (2 pieces)
– Reflector Set black (2 pieces)
– Custom Paint Job



Novitec Rosso F12 Hydroulic Lift System



The 2015 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta shown above, with Novitec Rosso Carbon Package is $389,999. The price includes all parts, paint, installation, interior upgrades, wheels, tires, lowering and alignment.

This price does not include tax, license, registration, or enclosed transport (~$1500) to your home or office. We can ship anywhere in the world. International customers, please contact us for more information.

Please call or email with any questions.

All the best,

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International | 001-951-514-2755
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  • 20 x 11.5 in. wheels
  • 315/35R Z tires
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Performance tires


Length 15 ft. 1.8 in. (181.8 in.)
Width 6 ft. 4.5 in. (76.5 in.)
Height 4 ft. 2.1 in. (50.1 in.)
Wheelbase 8 ft. 11.1 in. (107.1 in.)
Engine Type Gas
EPA Milage Est (CTY/HWY) 11/16 mpg
Fuel Type Premium Unleaded
Range in Miles (CTY/HWY) 267.3/388.8 mi.
Fuel tank 24.3 gal.


Base Engine Size 6.3 L
Cylinders V12
Valve Timing Variable
Horsepower ** 731 hp @ 8250 rpm
Valve 48


NOVITEC ROSSO Ferrari F12berlinetta

An athletic design in combination with outstanding aerodynamic efficiency, high-tech forged wheels and a power increase to 569 kW / 774 hp with a top speed in excess of 345 km/h: NOVITEC ROSSO, the leading refinement specialist for the sports cars from Maranello, expands its extensive customization program for the Ferrari F12berlinetta.

Painted or clear-coated carbon fibers with a matt finish like in Formula One or with a high-sheen surface sealer: the NOVITEC ROSSO designers lend the current top-of-the-line model in the Ferrari product range an even more sporty appearance. Its development not only focused on the car’s looks: all bodywork components received their finishing touches in the wind tunnel and consequently optimize the sports car’s handling stability.

To further minimize negative lift on the front axle, NOVITEC ROSSO offers a three-piece aerodynamics upgrade, which consists of a front spoiler lip with attached air ducts and a central front blade. The upgrade increases downforce in the front at high speeds. But that’s not all: the spoilers in conjunction with the new surrounds for the brake air scoops, the hood insert and the front grille lend the F12 an even more striking nose.

The new rocker panels calm the airstream between the front and rear wheel arches and add some more visual muscle to the sports car’s appearance. The carbon-fiber covers for the exterior mirrors and the black side markers stylishly round out the view from the side.

The NOVITEC ROSSO designers’ marks are also clearly in evidence in the rear: despite its discrete appearance the rear separation edge is a factor in the optimal aerodynamic balance of the F12berlinetta as is the rear diffuser. The latter attaches to the production rear fascia and can be further enhanced visually with optional diffuser fins and a fascia cover made from clear-coated carbon fibers. The great love of detail is also evident in the carbon-fiber surrounds for the rear fog lamps and the tail lights, which in the spirit of the best NOVITEC ROSSO traditions are available in black.

A crucial role in the thrilling appearance of the Ferrari refined by NOVITEC ROSSO is of course played by the wheels that were custom-developed for this car. To further emphasize the wedge shape of the F12, NOVITEC ROSSO developed two tire/wheel combinations with staggered wheels, 21-inch wheels on the front axle and 22-inch rims in back.

In addition to the appearance, the performance specifications for the product engineers also demanded even more precise handling. The NOVITEC ROSSO NF4 high-tech forged wheels, which are available in any desired color, are among the lightest of their kind in the world. Their design features five delicate double spokes and thanks to their low weight they reduce unsprung mass, a crucial factor in the even more agile handling. The NOVITEC ROSSO NF4 9.5Jx21 wheels in front are fitted with Pirelli high-performance tires in size 255/30 ZR 21. Size 12Jx22 rear wheels with 335/25 ZR 22 tires ensure maximum traction.

Three-piece NOVITEC ROSSO NF3 alloys are available as an alternative for the F12berlinetta. They are mounted in size 9.5Jx21 on the front axle and in size 12Jx22 in the rear and feature the same size tires as the forged wheels. There rims also have an impressive design that features five double spokes and polished rim flanges. Like for all wheels NOVITEC ROSSO offers individual color schemes including outer flanges with a carbon-fiber finish.

Disclaimer: Price excludes any government fees, taxes, license, registration, finance charges, dealer documentation prep charge, and any emission testing fees. Prices are subject to change and modification of purchase terms may apply.

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