2009 Novitec Rosso Ferrari Scuderia



Plus Taxes & Licensing

To purchase this vehicle, or to order a similar vehicle, call (888) 859-8806. International clients, please call 001-951-514-2755. Please send email inquiries to [email protected].



If the vehicle is not already in our Inventory, the car is built-to-order. We will locate a vehicle that meets your requirements, take delivery, install the parts you have requested, and ship the vehicle to your home or office anywhere in the world.

Vehicles are typically sold at or below MSRP. Aerodynamic packages, wheels, and performance upgrades are sold at MSRP. There is no markup and no premium for this service.

Depending on the scope of the project, build time is typically 20-25 working days from receipt of the vehicle and parts at our facility. You will be able to select all colors, parts, and materials used in the build.



There is no difference buying the car through WCM versus your local dealer. In fact, in most cases, all funds (and financing, if applicable) flow directly through our Authorized Dealer.

– We Locate, Negotiate, and Take Delivery of the Vehicle, While You Focus on More Important Things!
– No Markup & No Premium
– Professional Paint & Installation
– Dealer Handles Bank Wire (or Financing)
– Manufacturer’s Warranty & Maintenance Programs Apply
– Styling, Wheels & Performance Upgrades Built into a Single Transaction
– Car is Delivered 100% Complete to Your Door



In regard to the warranty, when not modifying the engine, drive train, ECU, or similar components, all factory warranties typically remain intact. In many cases, the final decision lies with your local Dealer. Aftermarket parts usually carry a warranty from the manufacturer of 1-yr against defects in workmanship.



– NOVITEC RACE Bi-Kompressor SCUDERIA 747 F1 430 99 $ 81,900.–
including 2 superchargers with modified turbine-blades and separated oil-circuit, modified and enlarged induction tract completely heat-insulated, water-cooled intercoolers (twice as big as the ones of the SUPERSPORT) with additional watercoolers, pumps, completely modified induction tract with air filter covering, reinforced v-ripped belts, injectors, air tract duct in underbody. Modification of frontbumper incl. Painting, modification of the trunk for additional radiators, optimized belt-drive with additional tensioners, modified ECU’s. Switching of the exhaust flaps with the Manettino on the steering wheel

– Power Optimized Exhaust System with Flap-Regulation Stainless Steel
– Metal Sport Cats (set) can be used with the NOVITEC or the original exhaust system 100 Cell metal sport cats with reduced exhaust back pressure
– Catalyst-Replacement Pipe (set of two)can be used with NOVITEC or the original exhaust system

– Modified Gear-Ratio bevel-wheel and crown-wheel for high-speed over 340km/h or 216 mph, for modified engines

– Hydraulic Front Axle Adjustment with Sport Suspension Spring Kit
This system includes a suspension spring kit for lowering in combination with the original suspension, A separate hydraulic unit w/ 40mm adjustment at the front axle through a remote control in cockpit and a CAN control unit. (the original damper adjustment is kept)
– Aluminum Wheel Spacers Made from high – strength aluminum, the spacers are anodized to protect from corrosion. set of 2 spacers with mounting hardware included spacer 10mm (enlarged track 20mm per axle) spacer 15mm (enlarged track 30mm per axle) spacer 20mm (enlarged track 40mm per axle)

– NF3 Wheel & Tire Sets 8,5J x 20J with 235/30 R20 Pirelli P-Zero Rosso for front axle 12,0J x 20J with 325/25 R20 Pirelli P-Zero Rosso for rear axle set of wheels / tires type NF3 w/ silver centers and polished outer lips

– Supersport Steering Wheel (in exchange) Carbon bottom and impact absorber including airbag and coverings in leather or Alcantara. Custom Stitching in your choice of color.
– Carbon F1 Shift Paddles, extended version (set)
– Pedal Set for cars with F1 gearbox
– Footrest driver side (only for LHD) passenger side



– Taillight Set black (4-pieces)
– Side Turn Indicator Set black (2-pieces)
– 3rd brake light LED black
– Rear Bumper Reflector Set black (2-pieces)
– Side Bumper Reflector Set (US version) black (set of two)

(Optional, Not Included in Price)
– Brembo Brake Upgrade for X6M Front 405 x 34 (16″) 2-Piece Cross-Drilled (part no. 1N1.9517A)
– Brembo Brake Upgrade for X6M Rear 380 x 28 (15″) 2-Piece Cross-Drilled (part no. 2P1.9010A)
– Available in Red, Yellow, Silver, or Black. Custom colors available. Please inquire.

(Optional, Not Included in Price)
– Yellow, Red

(Optional, Not Included in Price)
– Focal 100KRS Focal K2 Power Series (3)
– Hertz HL70.4 Midrange 3 Inch (1)
– Focal 27v2 Polyglass 11″ Woofer (1)
– JL Audio XD6006 Channel Amplifier 75X6 (1)
– JL Audio XD6001 Mono Bass Amplifier (1)
– Pac Line Output Converter Adjustable (5)
– Monster 500w Amp Kit (2)
– 2ch 3 meter RCA (5)
– 16 Gauge Monster Speaker Wire (65)
– Custom Woofer Enclosure/Ported and Speaker Installation (1)
– Amplifier Installation & Rewire (1)
– Amp Rack/Cover Boards (1)
– Wood, Paint, Glue, Upholstery Material (1)





The 2009 Ferrari Scuderia shown above, with Novitec Rosso Package, is $361,418. This price includes all parts, paint, installation, interior upgrades, wheels, tires, lowering and alignment.

This price does not include tax, license, registration, or enclosed transport (~$1500) to your home or office. We can ship anywhere in the world. International customers, please contact us for more information.

Please call or email with any questions.

All the best,

West Coast Motoring, LLC.
U.S. | 888-859-8806
International | 001-951-514-2755
[email protected]

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– 2-Door Rear Wheel Drive Car, 503 bhp, 347 lb-ft, 6-sp Automatic, 11/16 mpg
– 2 passengers, 2975 lb, 4.3-liter, 8-cylinder engine, 5.9 lb/bhp

Disclaimer: Price excludes any government fees, taxes, license, registration, finance charges, dealer documentation prep charge, and any emission testing fees. Prices are subject to change and modification of purchase terms may apply.

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